P Series High Voltage Motors

An extension of Laurence Scott & Electromotors long standing and acclaimed NORac range, the P-Series maintains the strengths of the NORac and the flexibility to adapt but now incorporates fabricated steel “Box” frame construction for the smaller frame sizes. With proven reliability and cost effective operations in a wide variety of industries and environments, the P-Series continues the LS concept of satisfying the need of individual users with a rationalised but versatile range of machines.

The range covers ratings up to 20MW for supply voltages from 3.3kV to 13.8kV at 50Hz or 60Hz. Machines with centre height of 450 to 710 utilise box frames of fabricated steel construction with end shield mounted bearings, while machines of centre height 900 and above are of unit construction with pedestal mounted bearings. The rigid steel fabricated base plate has machined facings to provide seatings for the stator corepack, bearing pedestals and enclosure.

The range is designed to accommodate top mounted enclosures or heat exchanger. As such the IP code can range from IP22 for simple open ventilated motors to IP55 or IP56 with air or water cooled heat exchanger. NEMA I or NEMA II enclosures are also available.

The strength and versatility of the range has allowed LS to design and apply its technology in many arduous and difficult environments, including the largest off-shore induction motor currently in operation on a North Sea Platform, rated at 14.5MW.

  Standard Option
Type Cage Induction Slip Ring
Frame Sizes 450 to 1400  
Output Up to 20000kW @ 4-pole speed  
Voltage 3150 to 13800V Others
Mounting Horizontal or Vertical  
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz Variable Frequency Supply
Poles 2 to 16 Others, Multiple-pole
Cooling CacA (TEAac) CacW (TEWac) Open Ventilated NEMA I or II
Ingress Protection IP55 IP22 to IP 56
Mounting (EN 60034-7) IM1001, IM7011 & IM7211, IM3011 Others
Temperature Rise Class B Class F
Duty S1 Others
Insulation Class F, VPI Class H, VPI
Bearings Grease Lubricated, Rolling Element Bearings Oil - Lubricated Sleeve Bearings (Standard on some sizes)
Main Terminal Box Air Insulated for fused supplies Or Elastomeric termination Phase Insulated, Phase Segregated, BEAMA/CEGB, Others
Ambient Temperature -20OC to +40OC -50OC to +60OC
Starting Design N Design D, Low Starting Current, High Starting Torque
Starting Method DOL Others
Noise Level, Mean Sound
Pressure Level, @ 1m, No Load
81 dB(A) Refer to manufacturer for lower noise level.
Vibrations Grade R to EN60034.14 API 541 Ed 3
Standards EN60034-1, IEC 72: Pt 2 NEMA MG1, Customer Specific