Norac Induction Motors from 250kW to 20MW

** Please note that the NORAC model is now only available as spares or as a replacement **

Norac motors have proven reliability and cost effective operation in a wide variety of industries and environments. These include offshore, petrochemical, water and power generation, pipelines, mining, marine and both desert and arctic conditions.

The Norac concept is to satisfy the need of individual users economically, with a rationalised but versatile range of machines.

A 'Family of Parts' approach utilises modular construction and standardised manufacturing techniques, to produce machines of simple and robust construction with performance to meet the customers specific requirement.

All machines comply with the appropriate parts of IEC34: 1: 1994, IEC72: Part2: 1991, BS4999: Part 105: 1988, BS5000: Part 99: 1973 in respect of performance and dimensions, therefore meeting the requirements set by the majority of International Standards.

Output 250kW to 20MW
Voltage and Frequency 380 Volts to 15kV at 50Hz or 60Hz
Range of Speeds All poleages are available, either single or multi-speed. Variable speed applications can also be accommodated.
Enclosures and Protection All types of enclosure are available e.g.
TE CacA - IP44 to IPW56
TE CacW - IP44 to IPW56
EVDP/Splashproof - IP22 to IP24
Insulation Class F system incorporating Class H materials provides high interturn voltage withstand and low energy discharge levels.
Mountings Horizontal foot (IM1001, IM7011 and IM7211) and vertical flange (IM3011) are standard. Other configurations are available.
Ambient Temperatures Designed for ambient temperatures down to -50 degrees C and up to +55 degrees C.
Please refer to LS for ambient temperatures outside this range.
Quality Assurance The design and manufacture processes are administered by the company quality management system which has been assessed and certified to meet the requirements of ISO9001 : 2000