Customer Services

Whether you require Motor servicing, repair or diagnostics ATB Laurence Scotts service department can provide fast response to your needs.

ATB Laurence Scott Ltd provides a dedicated team of specialist technical engineers experienced in the installation, modification, maintenance, condition monitoring, testing, commissioning, and repairs of all your electrical machines.

Service engineers are trained on, and capable of supporting, all machines and control gear manufactured by LS (and others). They are required to take regular re-training and refresher courses to maximise effectiveness. Individual engineers are also fully tested and qualified (by various external bodies) for off-shore work, particularly with regard to electrical safety and explosion protection requirements for hazardous areas. The Service Division is accredited with BS EN ISO9001 certification.

We pride ourselves in our Health and Safety record. The management have been trained to Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Standards and the team have undergone training courses and have subsequently been awarded with a 'Client/Contractor National Safety Group Passport'.

All tools and equipment are calibrated and portable appliance tested in accordance with the requirements under BS EN ISO 9001.

The Services offered are tailored to suit each customer's precise commercial and technical requirements. Our engineers are available to work in the UK or world-wide and to provide the service that you have come to expect from ATB Laurence Scott Ltd.

Main Features:

  • Installation of New Plant
  • Modifications of Existing Plant
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Equipment Surveys
  • Technical Advice
  • Contract Management
  • Conditioning Monitoring
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Motor Repairs
  • Method Statements
  • Risk Assessments
  • Onsite Support Services

Rotating Machines Services

The ATB Laurence Scott Ltd Service Department is dedicated to the provision of spares and the repair of both High and Low Voltage Electric Motors of current and historical designs. The company also has the design rights for the supply of spares and repairs for motors manufactured by Brush Electrical Machines.

Our professional design resources coupled with the ability to offer a manufacture and design warranty on all repairs of High and Low Voltage Motors of LS, Brush or any other original manufacturer sets us apart from ordinary repair shops.

RM Machine Service Features

  • Full Manufacturers Warranty on all Spares and Repairs
  • Electrical & Mechanical Design Resource for Machine Uproots and Load testing up to 7.5MW
  • Full Machining and Manufacturing Facility.
  • Coil Manufacture and Winding Shop
  • Strategic, Commissioning and Spares for Breakdown situations.
  • LS Flameproof Motor Repairs

Rewind & Coil Manufacture

  • Full Rewind facilities up to 20MW and 13.8KV
  • High Specification, Resin Rich and VPI Coil Manufacture
  • Rotor Rewinds and Rebars using Induction Brasing Techniques

Design Services

  • Output Power Modifications within existing frame size
  • Changing Bearing Design
  • Light Pressurisation Modifications
  • Motor Enhancement
  • Modernising

Testing Facilities

  • Full Load Testing to 7.5KW at 11KV
  • True Full Flux Hot Spot Testing on Stator Cores
  • ELCID Testing
  • TAN Delta and DLA Testing
  • ImpuLS Testing to 100KV
  • Noise and Vibration Analysis
  • Overspeed, Locked Rotor & Torque Speed Determination

Mechanical Repairs

  • Full Machining and Fabrication Capability
  • Shaft Manufacture & Replacement
  • Circular and Segmental Lamination Manufacture
  • Dynamical Balancing to G2.5 or Better - Rotors upto 4.5 Metres and 13.5 Tonnes
  • Machines upto 50 Tonnes in Weight.


  • Commissioning & Long Term Strategic Spares
  • Spare Wound Stators and Rotor for reduced downtime in the event of a failure
  • Spare Stator Coils & Rotor Bars and Endrings
  • Bearings, Shells Gaskets etc