E Series Flameproof Motors

LS’s E series of flameproof motors is an established range designed to meet the needs of modern industry with the flexibility to satisfy most applications over a wide range of outputs, speeds and voltages. Output rating range from 75kW to 2500kW covering voltage supply from 3.3kV to 11kV at 50Hz and 60Hz and covers certification for group IIA IIB and IIC gases.

The motor enclosure is designed to withstand the increased pressure that results from the ignition of a flammable gas or vapour within the machine and to do so without transmitting the flame through enclosure joints to the external hazardous atmosphere. As such the stator frame and endshields are of fabricated steel. For frame sizes from 315 to 450 the motors are of surface cooled ribbed frame design. For frame size 560 and 630 the range utilises a frame with integral tube air to air heat exchanger.

Bearings are grease lubricated rolling element bearings with grease escape facility. Larger 2-pole units have rolling element bearings with oil circulation system. A phase insulated terminal box is normally provided. Fault containing, phase segregated Elastomeric type terminations are available options.

  Standard Option
Type Cage Induction  
Frame Sizes 315 to 630  
Output 75 - 2500kW @ 4-pole speed  
Voltage 3300, 4160, 6600 Other voltages to 11kV
Mounting Horizontal or Vertical  
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz Variable Frequency Supply
Poles 2 to 8 Others, Multiple-pole
Cooling Air Cooled  
Ingress Protection IP44 IP56
Mounting (EN 60034-7) IM2001 - Horizontal Foot, IM3011 - Vertical Flange IM2001 - Horz. Foot and Flange, IM3811 - Vertical Skirt
Temperature Rise Class B Class F
Duty S1 Others
Insulation Class F, VPI Class H, VPI
Bearings Grease Lubricated, Rolling Element Bearings Oil - Lubricated, Rolling Element Bearings
Main Terminal Box Phase Insulated (EEx e) Phase segregated Ex db and Ex eb Euromold type terminations are available as options
Ambient Temperature -30OC to +55OC Please refer to manufacturer.
Starting Design N Design D, Low Starting Current, High Starting Torque
Starting Method DOL Others
Noise Level, Mean Sound
Pressure Level, @ 1m, No Load
85 dB(A) Refer to manufacturer for lower noise level.
Vibrations Grade R to EN60034.14 API 541 Ed 3
Standards EN60034-1, IEC 72: Pt 2 NEMA MG1, Customer Specific