Why Choose ATB Laurence Scott?

We are a single source supplier offering premier engineering design and manufacturing of High and Low Voltage AC and DC Electric Motors, along with Electro-Mechanical Power Transmission Products which include Generators, Gearboxes, Geared Motors, Eddy Current Variable Speed Drives, Electro-Pneumatic Clutches, and Brakes.

ATB Laurence Scott is at the centre of Excellence for manufacturing Mid and High Voltage Induction Motors. We take pride in our unique ability to provide customers with over 100 years of technical expertise in fields as diverse as Processing, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas (both exploration and production), Petrochemicals, Water, Sewage, Desalination, Mining, Nuclear, and defence environments.

As part of our policy of continuous improvement we aim to monitor satisfaction of our customer base, both for the performance as a supplier and the performance of our products in service.

High Voltage Motors (HVM)

High Voltage Motors comprises sales and design engineering for ac induction motors up to 20MW and DC motor/generators up to 3MW. These motors are used in a variety of industrial and marine applications, driving air & gas compressors, axial and centrifugal fans, and pumps for water, effluent, crude & fuel oils, as well as high-density gases used in nuclear power reactor cooling.

Of particular note is LS has been able to compile an enviable reference list for large 2-pole motors. One of the largest 2-pole motors in operation is LS’s 8.5MW motor, driving an Air Blower on a North Sea platform.

The ability of LS to supply large 2-pole motors has proven to be beneficial to the pumping industry whereby gearboxes for large pumps drives can be omitted and the pump driven directly by the motor. Over the years LS have supplied many 2-pole motors for pumps ranging to more than 7MW for both 50Hz and 60Hz supply.

Four Pole Synchronous Machines

Our synchronous machines can be supplied for nominal power 10MW to 30MW, voltages from 2.3 to 15kV, and 1800 rpm, complete with air or water-cooling systems. As standard, machines are designed for Class B rise using Class F insulation (IEC 60034-1).

Variable speed machines are a requirement for many compressor and pump packages, and ATB LS has vast experience of these applications. Electronic drives (inverters) allow conventional motors to be operated at variable speeds, VSD synchronous motor packages are available from ATB LS. The motor electrical design can be optimised to suit the specific inverter operation and driven requirement.

Control Gear

LS can design and build new motor control centres (MCC) and also provide field service on any control gear (starters, tap changers, etc) for high voltage motors.

LS has been a leading manufacturer of Control Gear for over 100 years. The company provides a comprehensive and experienced after sales service world wide for both their own and other manufacturers equipment., upto and including 11kV.

After sales is organised to provide an efficient and fast response to meet customers requirements and combines an integrated engineering, design and manufacturing team to undertake technical projects from design through to on site commissioning.


LS engineers are available for on-site maintenance and commissioning services world-wide on all LS electrical machines. Our goal is to help our clients achieve maximum machine performance and reliability through immediate trouble-shooting services and rapid mobilisation of engineering support.